Viewer Response

Andrew Solomon, Author “The Stone Boat” (relationship of gay man & mother w/OC) & other mental health publications

  • “This beautifully made film tells the story of the fight against cancer in a newly accessible and deeply moving fashion. The determination shown by the protagonist is inspiring; she faces her new reality with glittering courage and determination. The film is compelling, eloquent, and valuable..”

Female viewer – Amazon Instant Video

  • “As a stage IV ovarian cancer fighter, I was inspired by her courage and love of life! Thank you Dr. Clark for your art of film making. I too feel like living every moment and filling my life with new experiences. The movie has made me feel that I am not the only one feeling this way. It is an attempt to live my life as fully as I can in every moment for as long as I have left! I wasn’t doing that before. This film was wonderful!!!”

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) – Reviewed by Kay Hogan Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

  • “In her early forties Dr. Katherine (“Kasia”) Clark, received a diagnosis no woman wants to hear – advanced ovarian cancer. This film project documenting her experiences over the ensuing nine years was undertaken as both a record of the journey to help others as well as a creative form of therapy. That the subject is tough is undeniably true, as demonstrated throughout her fierce struggle to live her life on her own terms, not just as a patient, and certainly not as a victim. She is very frank, however, about the challenges – physical and emotional – of dealing with this insidious and unpredictable cancer. Interspersed with footage of her commentary are interviews with family, friends, doctors and therapists. The fact that Clark is herself a family physician also adds an interesting twist, particularly in her embrace of complementary therapies as a patient. Ultimately this filmed journal plays like a battle between two dogged fighters – Clark and cancer. Although the documentary ends inconclusively, the money is on Clark.This would be a good film for ovarian cancer support groups or perhaps even gynecologic oncologists in training.” Read the full review.

Video Librarian (educational journal read by academic and public libraries) – 3 STARS!

Female viewer – Commonwealth School Film Festival

  • “It’s inspiring — not just a medical film – everybody should see it!”

Dr. John Saltzman, Gastroenterologist
Director of Endoscopy Brigham and Women’s Hospital

  • “Very powerful…very direct, intimate and personal…. It certainly raised my consciousness to certain important patient issues that I was not previously sensitive to as I focus on the much easier issues of providing traditional medical care.”

Deborah L. Levy, PHD, Director Psychology Research Laboratory, McLean Hospital

  • “A remarkable accomplishment!…Kasia is a surrogate for millions of people who have shown heroic resolve and resilience in the face of terrifying experiences and uncertainty.”

Paula Wolk, MD, Kasia’s psychiatrist

  • “Trying to be both medically accurate and informative and creative and cater to so many different people’s sensitivities was not easy…I thought you did a great job.”

Sandra Schulberg, Film Producer, Founder of Independent Feature Project

  • “It’s a powerful and important film that I think has a lot to teach, especially
    to women. Kasia’s life force and discipline are remarkable.”

Orit Avni-Barron, MD – Director of Women’s Mental Health at The Fish Center for Women’s Health

  • “As a physician, Outside In gave me the perspective of a patient struggling with a life threatening disease. As a fellow physician, it made me think about what it’s like to switch places, being on the receiving end of treatment. As a psychiatrist, it inspired me to ponder upon the various meanings of ‘treatment refusal.’ As a woman, I found myself thinking about issues of body image, fertility, femininity and societal norms. As a human being, I was simply touched. What an important and inspiring piece of work!”

Brian Geldin, movie blogger

  • “It’s quite an inspirational story and an incredible journey. It’s highly informative about ovarian cancer, and even more personal, as told from your perspective. You do an excellent job developing your character, and the people in your life that have been helping you along the way. Your story is unique in that you not only undergo traditional treatment and therapy, but your will for life, energy, and determination makes you a most inspirational person, and that shines through very well in the film.”
  • “The film speaks out to several demographics. First, to those undergoing cancer treatments, their families and loved ones, and medical professionals. Secondly, it is a film about relationships, yours being one that you spent many years with a woman, and then your discovery of your feelings about men. Therefore, this can be a film for the LGBT community. Thirdly, you have a strong feminine voice, and I feel this film speaks deeply to all women, whether or not their dealing with cancer. And finally, because of your tremendous athletic abilities, this can also be seen in the sporting world. Overall, it’s a film for anyone and everyone should see it and be inspired by it, but you can easily target or market it to any of the above demographics…I think you will do great things with it.”

Stephanie Paradise – Owner of New Age Health Spa

  • “It was so incredible what you have been able to achieve and I was simply
    blown away. Not only are you an amazing athlete, but a superb musician
    and gorgeous to boot.”

Lisa Heller – HBO Documentaries

  • “We…found Kasia and her story quite extraordinary. What an incredible
    woman…I know Kasia’s story will touch and inspire many.”

Myra Grand – Designer, DB DESIGN, wife of Internist Dr. Richard Grand

  • “Magnificently documented film! The pervasive, beautiful use of shimmering light provided an uplifting aura throughout the video. Kasia’s ever-present positive quest for quality and meaning in life was impressive and an inspiration to me.”

David Buckle, MD – Family Practitioner, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

  • “I think it’s beautifully done. You are very, very, very brave. You bare so much of yourself (literally, of your body, your thoughts, your past…). Your narration is excellent…the way you tell the story, in your own voice, with the wonderful score of music behind it, is very comforting. I was thinking of what the message was… It definitely comes around to living life in the moment, which you tied in at the end with the Thoreau quote (and how cool that you’re swimming Walden Pond).”
  • “I would want medical students and family medicine residents to see it. I would want people who work in oncology, and yes, palliative care (I know that you’re not dying) to see it. I would like to show it to the family doctors in my hospital. It’s a powerful movie.”

Michael Glassbourg – Professor Film & Television, Humber College

  • “I am very moved by it. It is a documentary that should be seen by a lot of people; both for the information and the relevance of the emotional journey. Through you, we learn about ourselves. Outside In is skillfully made, certainly skillfully structured…My congrats to everyone involved in the project.”

Ben Achtenberg – Founder, Former President Fanlight Films

  • “It was beautifully done, and integrated the various kinds of footage, photos, etc. very well.”

Kathy L – 2-time Breast Cancer Survivor

  • “I think that the film was beautifully done and enjoyed it immensely. It was very moving and I personally could relate with so many of Kasia’s feelings that she expressed beautifully. I found the film to be done professionally, in a very artful manner, and thoroughly enjoyed the music. I can’t say enough about the music…this film does need to be shown for all of those who do need the inspiration of her example, because it is so very inspiring. Anyone can choose what they view – we all make our own choices every day. It is an important piece of work.”

Betty Dodson, sex therapist

  • “…it was VERY impressive, well done and…you are a marvel. ”

Michael Sales, Ed.D – Partner: Art of the Future, strategic management

  • “It is a wonderful testimony to the Will to Live. Kasia is and will be an inspiration to many hundreds of thousands of people and, because of you, her story has been presented in a cogent and highly compelling fashion.”

Holly Sklar – Warner Brothers story analyst

  • “I …was very moved by your experience. Your persistence, determination, force of character and tremendous will are inspiring.”

Joan H. Parker – Philanthropist, Educator, Author: Three Weeks in Spring (story of her breast cancer experience, co-written with noted novelist husband Robert B. Parker)

  • “I … was struck by how brilliant and personal it was – I was completely drawn into Kasia’s story – to see her crushed, almost broken, whole, and everything in between, provided such a life lesson. It also suggests maybe it’s as important to be understood as it is to be loved. To be both and to also love, is all…It’s a great film – thanks so much”