Kasia Clark, MD

Katherine Whipple Clark, MD: Principal Subject / Executive Producer

Katherine, “Kasia”, Clark, MD, a board certified family physician, joined with film professionals to produce a work of art that would marry her interest in science and art, after she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer at age 42. The project began modestly with a home video camera, but blossomed into a major enterprise over 9 years of documentation, involving collaboration with documentary filmmakers, a variety of cameras and the technology of digital production and post-production. The purpose of this endeavor was to observe what was experienced by Kasia as a disorientating and chaotic process, and attempt to transform it into an organized whole. In time, the magic of filmmaking took on a life of its own, as the film gradually took shape while the drive towards artistic completion symbiotically contributed to the process of psychic and physical survival. During these years, Kasia continued to practice medicine in New York and Massachusetts, while finding time to attend film school in Boston, at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

In response to the ongoing mortal threat, with multiple surgeries, courses of chemotherapy and experimental treatments, Kasia learned more and more about how the actions of a creative and highly motivated patient can complement the best of modern western medicine. With her colleagues, she carefully documented her roller-coaster ride and kaleidoscopic approach to healing in this painstakingly crafted film project. The final result, “Outside In”, a one-hour inspirational documentary film, was completed in 2009 and achieved commercial distribution with Icarus Films in 2011.

Since 2011, Kasia has continued to encounter long-term and grave complications from her illness, however she has remained in solid remission off treatment for several years now, one of only 5-10% who manage to survive as long as she has with her diagnosis. Most recently could be found in a small town in upstate New York, where she spent a year taking on and completing the renovation of an old house, her new residence. She is now financially sponsoring and mentoring 2 teenage Afghan sisters who left their war-torn country and came to America seeking education and opportunity.