Cyrus Sink

Cyrus Sink: Music Score

The son of musician Steve Sink and artist Susan Huggins, Cyrus was raised in New York City studying piano, guitar and bass, and playing with the popular rock group The Mommyheads. He went on to study with Yusef Lateef, Andrew Jaffe, Ewe master drummer Godwin Agbeli, and bassists Darryl Jones, Jerry Jemott and Bruce Gertz, among others.  He earned his Bachelor of Music cum laude in 1994 from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a major in Bass Performance. As an experienced professional multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, and recording artist, he worked as a music instructor at Amherst College and Suffield Academy, and recording engineer at Newbury Sound in Boston.

In 1998, Cyrus put together a Boston-area collective under the name of Conundrum© to record and perform his eclectic global groove music. To date, Conundrum has released four full-length recordings including Tea (1999), Spitting Mandarin (2000), Lucky (2001), and self-titled Conundrum (2002). Each recording has its own unique take on “world” music, bringing together disparate beats, instruments, sounds, and textures. Cy’s styles range from traditional to innovative electronica and beyond.  Among his many clients are Health Dialog, Inc., NeoScape, Equinox Health Clubs, Tri Travel, Mighty Oak Productions, Boston Art Dealers Association, Black Bean Studios, Kat Tatlock Productions, American Management Association, visual artists Christina Lanzl and Susan Huggins, and independent filmmaker Linda Olson.

Dedicated to new ways of creating, collaborating, and sharing music, Cyrus and his partner Robert Pehlke formed© in 2004, offering award-winning film, video, and multimedia music scoring, music supervision, and music licensing services. Cyrus has also released two solo albums showcasing radically different sides of his musical personality. Alcazar (2005) is a solo classical guitar recording, while his self-titled release Cyrus Sink (2005) is an avant-garde improvised space/noise experiment.  His long study and performance of classical, jazz, folk, country, blues, and world music, his knowledge of film, and his sensitivity to the rhythms of human experience make him an ideal composer for Outside In. Cyrus’ music is available at